Foundation Apprenticeships

Foundation Apprenticeships are one of the most recent innovations in how young people can learn, gain experience and ultimately prepare for the future while they are still at school.

Aberdeenshire Council has taken an innovative approach to the roll-out of these courses by upskilling teachers and enabling pupils to attend classes at school as well as gaining valuable work experience throughout their school year. Foundation Apprenticeships are highly valued by universities and colleges, and recognised as being equivalent to an A or B at Higher level.

Instead of sitting an exam, students are required to achieve milestones throughout the year in order to gain the qualification. Work experience is often the most valued aspect of any CV and a vital component to this qualification is the work experience included. This will send students out into the world of work fully prepared and with the skills necessary to preform effectively in a work environment.

Creative and Digital Media student Steven Pert said: “This work experience is amazing to have and is sought-after by employers. It has given me knowledge of the workplace that others may not have benefited from, saving employers time with helping me to hit the ground running in the future.”

We are now offering 11 Foundation Apprenticeship subjects:

You can register your interest in studying for a Foundation Apprenticeship on the national apprenticeships website:  or speak with your guidance teacher to find out more. These options will also be highlighted as part of the process of young people choosing their subjects at school.

Follow these links to find out more:

We are continually looking for local businesses who may be keen to support our Foundation Apprentices with placements, which are often just half a day a week. If you would like to find out more, please email